Looking for a Volunteer Training Officer
The OFFC is currently looking for a volunteer Training Officer.  This position would be the chaplain who coordinates and schedules the Spring and Fall trainings.  This is not terribly time consuming, however, very much needed.  Must be a member of the OFFC, commit to attend a few meetings per year and be passionate about Fire Dept. Chaplaincy.  If you have interest, please contact us through the information found on this website's "Contact Us" page.

The Ohio Federation of Fire Chaplains

"Serving Those Who Serve"

The OFFC supports the ministries of volunteer and paid Fire Department and EMS Chaplains, and assists fire service agencies in developing their chaplaincy programs.

The OFFC is affiliated with and supports the Federation of Fire Chaplains on the national level, providing automatic membership and networking with the addition of a statewide certification and accountability system for fire & EMS Chaplains.

The OFFC offers programs that provide its members with educational opportunities in training conferences and materials.  Assistance is given to fire service organizations seeking to start or improve their chaplaincy programs.

The OFFC provides a standard of care and training for Chaplains.