Membership is open to all who are involved with the fire and EMS service chaplaincy. Some of our members are full-time career chaplains; the majority are volunteers. Others are firefighters or EMS or paramedics who have religious training, denominational officials, laypersons, or seminary students.

OFFC does not appoint chaplains to departments. We provide and coordinate training and a support network for chaplaincy. To become a member you must submit:

  • Application – Membership-Application-OFFC 
  • A letter of appointment from a Fire/EMS service agency
  • A letter of endorsement as a chaplain from your local religious community (church, synagogue, etc.) 

Types of Membership

  1. FCC and Ohio FFC Membership (recommended)
    Annual Dues $60 due by January 31st, 2021
    If you pay your membership dues to OFFC, please do not also pay your dues to the FFC
  2. Ohio FCC (only)
    Annual Dues FREE in 2021.
  3. Associate
    Chaplain not currently serving as a fire/EMS chaplain but still wants to be associated with OFFC
    Annual Dues FREE in 2021.
  4. Corporate Sponsor, Fire or EMS Department or Individual
    that has an interest in and is supportive of the objects and the goals of the Ohio Federation of Fire Chaplains.  Dues is FREE in 2021.

Benefits to Members

  • Materials designed to help chaplains implement and sustain effective programs
  • Updates each year to keep chaplains current in their field
  • Educational opportunities are offered in annual conferences, regional meetings, and within the state
  • A Chaplain Directory is provided to all members to provide a network of mutual support and informational sharing
  • Provides a standing in a professional organization
  • Certificates for completed training are provided
  • Chaplain identification is provided through patches, pins, and window decals (contact our secretary to learn the cost)
  • Outlines and programs for annual Memorial Services are available

Benefits to Department

  • Provides information on establishing a chaplaincy program
  • Chaplain training through conferences, lesson materials, and articles
  • Gives support and encouragement to your chaplain
  • Keeps your chaplain abreast of the latest programs and developments in the field
  • Provides a standard of care and training

Click here to download OFFC Brochure. However, please use the new address in the Contact Us portion of this website.

Click here to download Membership-Application-OFFC 

Click here to download Membership Renewal Form

Click here to download the latest By-Laws.